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Fire Fighting in the Marine Environment

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image by Sue GordonPerhaps one of the most dangerous situations at sea is fire, as there is nowhere for those on board to run and no chance of immediate outside help unless a port is nearby. Any fire damage to the structure or mechanisms of the vessel could be catastrophic and seriously life threatening. Advanced fire suppression technology and high performance fire resistant materials have been developed to help tackle any fires on ships or boats, and are extremely effective. This should not however be used as a substitute for properly delivered fire fighting and prevention training. Fires can be caused in a number of ways, including mechanical failure, accident or carelessness.
In recent years, infrared technology, sophisticated fire fighting systems and revolutionary extinguishing agents have meant that shipboard fires are less likely. Breathing apparatus and protective equipment have improved safety incredibly in the marine environment. A strict regulatory framework is in place globally concerning marine safety, which came about as the waters got gradually busier.

Fires at sea can be caused by a variety of events such as collisions, accidents, engine failure and of course ignition of cargo. Static structures or rigs out to sea are also potentially volatile as many contain gas or oil. Coastal waters all over the world feature offshore wind farms, tidal and wave power renewable energy installations, military facilities and scientific research and monitoring stations. All of which are potentially at risk of hazards like fire and where swift action is needed to limit damage and injury. Modern chemical and engineering applications have had a significant effect in reducing the devastating consequences of fires at sea.

When it comes to fire extinction, 3F are the experts with over 20 years experience in their field, and are committed to offering a powerful, environmentally friendly, cost effective solution to customers internationally. They have in excess of 30 foam fire fighting products in their range including standard, alcohol resistant, Hi EX and eco friendly foams. 3F now also offer purpose designed sea vessels to fight fire at sea or in port and to control any pollution produced.

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Innovative and Effective Methods of Damage Limitation

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boomAny kind of oil spill, whether it’s out to sea, around coastlines, in rivers or near harbours can be potentially devastating for the local environment particularly birds, fish and marine mammals. When birds are exposed to contaminants like oil in the water their plumage is damaged interfering with its insulation ability and impairing flight. If affected by oil, birds will usually die unless they can be caught and cleaned up, as they cannot feed and have often ingested the oil. Mammals such as otters and seals are affected in a similar way, their coats are covered in oil leading to temperature fluctuations and hypothermia. If the oil gets into their stomach it will cause dehydration and prevent normal digestion.

Efforts to contain oil spills and reduce environmental impact, have resulted in the development of a number of innovative methods and products. One of the most effective is the containment boom or permanent or temporary floating barrier, which comes in a variety of purpose designed forms. They have several functions such as allowing oil to collect in thicker layers, enabling vacuums and skimmers to more easily collect the substance. Booms come in a range of forms and sizes specific to the location and type of water conditions they are intended for.

Booms can hold or slow down the movement of contamination, divert oil to a collection point or cordon off and protect a sensitive area. To counteract the consequences of floating oil pollution at sea, booms are made to be sturdy and quick to set up. One example is the Canarie boom, which has a honeycomb structure, and spacer floats in polyethylene foam, plus a double skirt and ballast chain. It is available with kits used for trawling and mooring the boom. Another containment boom, the versatile Barracuda, can be utilised at sea or within river areas such as estuaries, harbours and open coastal waters. Containment booms are extremely successful and are internationally renowned for efficiency when tackling oil spills.

Specialists in fire protection products 3F, are dedicated to limiting damage to the environment, and promote the manufacture of products which aim to address the outcome of natural and industrial disasters. They believe in active collaboration between companies and organisations to achieve this.

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fireOne of the main priorities here at ABC Macintosh Ltd, is providing fire fighting products and equipment which safely, effectively and swiftly bring fire under control in any situation, while causing minimal environmental damage. As a forward thinking company we are dedicated to reviewing and utilising innovative developments within the industry. We design and manufacture high quality fire fighting products and equipment which are tried and tested by experts in the field. We supply competitively priced and environmentally friendly fire fighting chemicals for fire extinguisher manufacturers, fire extinguishing servicing companies and fire brigades.

All to frequently, we see in the news chemical fires which have presented huge problems where extinction is concerned, not to mention the risk to life and devastating after effects. This type of fire perhaps more than most raises significant fire fighting challenges for all concerned. The UK Fire and Rescue Service need to know that they have access to high performance products and equipment. Hazardous applications within chemical plants, petrochemical plants and the nuclear industry for example can very quickly get out of hand, and lead to life or death situations. These events require exceptionally reliable products and equipment which are not only trouble free to use but which are safe for operators and the environment.

ABC Macintosh provide the solution to this kind of scenario, with a range of products including dry powders, wetting agents, foam concentrates, antifreeze and anti foaming agents. Our equipment includes foam inducers, extinguishers and fire attack systems. This excellent range proves a highly successful, fire suppressing response in the incidence of woodland fires, and petrochemical plant, chemical plant and nuclear plant blazes. Post fire toxic residue or waste is not an issue with our products, and our continuously developed, fully functional equipment means a first rate result.

Equipment such as fire fighting foam and water delivery systems, available from ABC Macintosh has constantly attracted positive ratings and approvals for our manufacturing clients. Call us on 01536 260333.

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The Importance of Functional Sprinkler Systems

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There are numerous examples of how crucial a fully operational sprinkler system is in any fire risk situation. A potentially devastating fire was prevented from taking hold recently at a shopping centre in Carlisle. Apparently a defective extractor fan in a lavatory had been left running and began to burn when the building was closed. When the fire and rescue services attended after being alerted by the Automatic Fire Detection System, the fire had already been extinguished by the sprinkler head. This event demonstrates the need for sprinkler protection to be included in lavatories as well as other parts of a building. This is just one of the vast amount of documented incidents in which a disaster was averted. Even where fires have become more established, a sprinkler system while maybe not completely putting a fire out, will usually limit its spread.

Sprinkler systems are described by the UK fire brigade as a ‘potential life saving tool’, and suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is a compulsory requirement for commercial, multi occupancy and non domestic premises in England and Wales. Where this is neglected, an unlimited fine or up to 2 years in prison can be imposed.

Environmental factors are also a consideration as sprinklers reduce the amount of water needed to contain a fire by 0.02% to 17%, and carbon emissions are also minimised in fires where sprinklers were active.

Our web promotion partners Fire Logistics Ltd, specialise in fire prevention, fire risk assessment and fire safety training. They are committed to providing customers with a highly tailored solution for each application including domestic or commercial settings. Fire Logistics Ltd, have brought their expertise to cafes, hotels, factories and private yachts. They are skilled fire prevention specialists managing a long list of high profile clients such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Proctor & Gamble and Alnwick castle.
Call Fire Logistics Ltd and discover how their products and services can benefit you on 0191 230 3647

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Effective & Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Solutions

ABC MacIntosh is a UK company with an international reputation for the manufacture and supply of effective fire fighting chemicals, foams and specialist equipment. We work closely with fire fighters, fire brigades and high risk industries to produce efficient and environmentally sensitive fire fighting solutions.

We would like to welcome customers, partners and friends to our new blog. Over the coming months ABC MacIntosh hope to share some of our knowledge and experience of fighting fires in the most difficult of environments.

ABC MacIntosh specialise in providing the right fire fighting products and equipment for every environment.

One example of this is in tackling forest fires. Climate change, global warming and an increasingly fragile ecosystem have seen an increase in the number of forest and heathland fires around the world. Forest fires provide a difficult and dangerous challenge for fire fighters and one of the common problems is that forest fires often occur where water is hard to find. A difficult situation is then made worse by the fact that the damage caused by many fire fighting chemicals can be harmful to the environment they are designed to protect.

ABC Macintosh has developed a range of foam concentrates and additives that are highly efficient in combating forest fires. They are environmentally friendly, leaving no toxic wastes or residue once the fire is extinguished.

ABC MacIntosh have an extensive range of fire extinguishers, foams  and fire fighting products designed for use in the petrochemical industry. Fluorosurfactant free foams that can be used to extinguish hydrocarbon-based fires are equally effective in treating biofuels, ethanol and ethanol blends. Fluorosurfactant free foams give fire fighters the confidence to tackle chemical fires in any environment.

Fluorosurfactant free foams, dry powders, foam concentrates and wetting agents have also been developed by ABC MacIntosh specifically for use in nuclear facilities.

Having the right foam concentrate, wetting agent, dry powder or surfactant free foam is only part of the solution. ABC MacIntosh has created a range of mobile Fire Attack Systems designed to tackle fires in every environment. Fire Attack Systems are effective for industrial fires and forest fires and can be employed as auxiliary fire fighting units.

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Effective & Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Solutions