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Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals & Equipment

The fire fighting products we manufacture and supply are designed to deal with some of the biggest and most catastrophic fires to affect factories, forests and airport runways across Europe. Fire fighters in these situations need to know the most effective way to prevent, extinguish or slow the pace of fires of all kinds in order to minimise the devastation they can cause. These professionals are also required to have an in-depth knowledge of the correct procedures when tackling a potentially devastating fire and which products to use.

Our range of fire extinction enabling chemicals are not only highly successful at bringing under control any category of fire, but will not impact the environment in a negative way. What we offer also has to be affordable without compromising on quality and performance.

Woodland or Forest Fires

Woodland or Forest Fires - credit USFS Region 5

Forest fires are a major problem particularly in hot and dry environments as they can travel at speed, change direction and jump across roads and rivers. They typically cause extensive damage to property and pose a danger to life. These fires are often triggered by lightening or by humans, either accidentally or intentionally. A carelessly discarded cigarette or incorrectly extinguished camp fire can have devastating consequences. This type of fire is exacerbated where there is wind and sloping surfaces such as hillsides exist.

Forest and wild fires may burn close to the ground, within the layers of soil or high up in the treetop canopies. Common methods used to stop these fires in their tracks include creating a barrier and disrupting the fuel source by reducing oxygen and heat. Water, fire retardants or foam chemicals can be used, some distributed via aircraft. Modern technological advances have allowed large scale fires to be tracked and monitored using computers, satellites, and other equipment. This makes them a lot easier to suppress.

Airport Runway Fires

Airport Runway Fires - credit Bob Bob

Due to the extreme possibility of mass casualties involved, resolution of airport ground emergencies are of the utmost importance. Fires affecting aircraft on runways for instance, are of paramount importance requiring that fire and rescue services respond swiftly. Securing the aircraft against outbreak of hazards specifically fire, is crucial to ensure the survival of passengers and crew.

Skilled teams are expertly trained in the utilisation of dry chemicals and fire fighting foams that deal efficiently with burning aviation fuel. Aeroplane fires can have a number of different causes, but the presence of aviation fuel makes each capable of quickly getting out of control and situations becoming critical.

Chemical and Industrial Fires

Chemical and Industrial Fires - credit Deacon MacMillan

Industrial and manufacturing plants carry a substantial risk of fire, as they usually contain many combustible materials and chemicals. Flammable atmospheres can contain gases, liquids and powders which present hazards from chemical reactions or the mishandling of flammable materials. Operational hazards can produce fires, explosions and thermal decompositions, and can arise at any stage of the manufacturing or production process.

Great care is taken in these environments by health and safety specialists to establish the probability of these issues, and extreme steps are taken to minimise risk. This is an intensive and complicated procedure, as elements like electricity and dust could also be involved. Fire fighting chemicals and equipment must be of the utmost reliability and quality, as failure to function properly in an emergency is not an option. Our products give exceptional performance with all classes of fire ensuring a fast, safe and environmentally friendly solution.


Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Chemicals & Equipment, Woodland or Forest Fires, Airport Runway Fires, Chemical & Industrial Fires.

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